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Chillies also called as Mirch in India is a South American organic product that was acquainted with the subcontinent by the Portuguese 400 years prior. They are broadly utilized in numerous foods as a flavor to add hotness to dishes. Chilies emerged in Mexico and then expanded throughout the world, where they are used for both food and traditional medicine. Today, they are utilized all over the planet to add a punch of hotness and flavor to dishes.

Indian dishes are inadequate without chilies. They are a significant and necessary piece of each dish that we eat for the duration of the day. Aside from adding flavor to food, chilies benefit the intestinal systems, advance sound heart, calm joint agonies, advance weight reduction, relieve headache, lessen disease hazards, forestall hypersensitivities, and so on. Today, India is the biggest maker of red dried bean stew on the planet. Some of the most popular chilies found in India are Bhut Jolokia, North East India, Kashmiri Chillies, Kashmir, Guntur Chilli, Andhra Pradesh, Byadagi Chilli, Karnataka, Kanthari Chilli, Kerala and Jwala Chilli, Gujarat. Now a day’s chilies are being used in ice creams and chocolates, adding an excellent touch to traditional recipes.