Chilli Powder

Chili powder is prepared by roasting or sun drying various types of red chillies until they are crisp and then grinding them to a fine powder. Chili Powder is made from the best red chillies available. It’s high in carotene, calcium, iron, and protein, and it gives your meals just the right amount of spice and color. This pure spice is used to improve the taste, flavor, and appearance of a variety of foods, from the everyday to the exotic. It is used to make chutneys, curries, gravies, and sauces in Indian cuisine. Red chili powder can help with metabolic syndrome as well. Natural products are carefully packaged to maintain freshness, color, and flavor.

At AICMT , we are the emerging exporters and suppliers of chilli powder in India, sourcing the invaluable spice all over the world. We can supply the best quality chilli powder irrespective of quantity you need and just according to your requirements. Our hassle-free process and timely delivery methods make the best in the industry for spice supply and export. Hence, you can surely rely on us for any requirement of spice delivery. Just contact us for buying, in bulk or according to your needs.

HSN code                    : 09042211

Origin                           : Madhya Pradesh, Telangana, Andhra Pradesh & Maharashtra

Min order quantity      : 18 MT (1*20 ft container)

Package                       : 25/50 kg  PP or Paper bags

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