Soya Beans

Soya beans (Glycine Max) are small, oval-shaped, light tan-colored seeds from a plant that originated in Asia. They can be consumed and used to manufacture flour, oil, or soy sauce. They constitute the foundation of Soya milk and are high in nutrients. Soybeans are a high-protein plant food that may be prepared and consumed in a number of different ways. They are members of the pea family. Soybeans are nutritious and high in protein, and they have a wide range of nutritional applications. People can consume them, drink them as milk substitutes, and take supplements containing them. For many people, specifically those who follow a vegan or vegetarian diet, it is a significant source of protein. You can get high-quality products from our freshly farmed store.

At AICMT , we are the emerging exporters and suppliers of soya beans in India, sourcing the invaluable spice all over the world. We can supply the best quality soya beans irrespective of quantity you need and just according to your requirements. Our hassle-free process and timely delivery methods make the best in the industry for spice supply and export. Hence, you can surely rely on us for any requirement of spice delivery. Just contact us for buying, in bulk or according to your needs.

HSN code                    : 12019000

Origin                           : Maharashtra & Madhya Pradesh

Min order quantity      : 22 MT (1*20 ft container)

Package                       : 50 kg  PP or Jute bags

Grade                           : Machine graded & cleaned

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